Some of the Reviews —

Your sausages are superb! My family rave about them! Please keep up the good work, we must all support artisan companies making top quality products.
— Fiona
The greatest sausages ever. I wholly, wholly adore you
— Caitlin Moran, The Times
The always impressive Great British Sausage Company, provide tasty snacks. You have to have a top notch hot dog at a food festival, don’t you think?
— 'Tea With Rachel' blogger on the Foodie Festival
Bought the wonderful Churchill sausages at your event in Newmarket before Christmas SIMPLY the BEST
— Amy Herbert
My friend and I just came back with 6 packs of sausages from the Windsor Food Festival, your charming salesman couldn’t be resisted despite us swearing we wouldn’t buy anything!
— Julia Martin
Bought 3 packs of ‘The Churchill Sausage’ late yesterday afternoon at the Royal Norfolk Show. The best sausages I’ve ever tasted! As somone has already tweeted, virtually no fat comes from the GBSC sausage as I was promised. I highly recommend trying them
— Rupert Wall
Had a Churchill at Knebworth today. Best sausage I ever tasted!
— Alison Bailey
I tried the cumberland sausages, the best I have EVER tasted !!!! Cant wait to try more...
— Jules Lewis-West